Free Cancer Fitness Classes

Open to all cancer survivors. Classes are led by professionally certified trainers and instructors and modified to meet the needs of cancer survivors. Studies show that fitness increases the body’s ability to heal, encourages healthier lifestyles and reduces the risk of recurrence.  North County Cancer Fitness believes exercise is essential to cancer treatment and recovery.

EOS FITNESS – Gentle Fitness (NCCF-Sponsored Class) 1:00

  • YOGA flexibility; range of motion; balance; posture; breathing; peace
  • ZUMBA cardio; stamina; metabolism; reflexes; range of motion; mood
  • FITNESS strength; muscle mass; endurance; recurrence risk; attitude

For NCCF-Sponsored classes: NCCF Consultation/Intake process is required to attend. For more information, please use the “Contact Us” tab on this site or call (760) 517-6223.
For Non-NCCF classes: No pre-registration or membership necessary. Simply sign in at the front desk of designated facility to attend.