Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does the NCCF program cost?
    It depends. NCCF services are available at no cost to those coping with cancer. Many of the services we offer are fee based and require payment; other services offered are free to the cancer community. If NCCF services provided require payment and you are financially able to pay for these services we ask that you do so in order that others who are not financially able may benefit from our program. Some NCCF members pay for all services we provide, some members contribute to a portion of the services while other members pay nothing at all.
  2. How long do I stay in the NCCF program?
    It varies.  Generally speaking, we like you to stay a minimum of three months. This time period will allow you to be assessed, monitored and evaluated so that you receive the most benefits available through our program.
  3. What if I need to leave the NCCF program due to medical or other issues?
    Not a problem. NCCF realizes cancer treatment is not always a straight road. There is no contract, there is no obligation and there is no pressure.
  4. How do I know what facility or classes are best for me?
    Easy. Based on your initial assessment and the findings of our physical therapist and personal trainer, we will guide you every step of the way.