Find ‘balance’ in life.  What does that mean…where do you find it…and how do you keep it?  This is such an esoteric concept.  Balance is unique for each person and takes some soul-searching to discover.  It is fluid, shifting and needs subtle adjustments–constantly.  What is right and balanced one day or in one moment may be different the next.  Imagine a surfer, gymnast, yogi or hang-glider–all using balance in the physical sense.  However, there is a stark determination evident in their expressions.  A glimpse of the mental committment entwined in the act of balance.   As a cancer survivor I am integrating the properties of balance not only in the physical realm, but in the emotional and spiritual planes too.  Finding that place of kindness and compassion within ourselves and for ourselves is essential along the path.  This is a thought I try to keep in  mind as I continuously balance the elements of my life.  Securing ‘balance’ is indeed a practice. —DP

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