Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

The thing about hair is that we kind of take it for granted.  Yes we do fiddle, curl, straighten and blow-it.  There is gel, mousse, oil and spray all to make it do whatever we deem necessary.  We have ‘bad hair days’ and our moods can be transformed.  This hair thing is pretty powerful!  We expect that our hair will be there each morning to examine, tweak, style, etc.  Although both women and men fit into this category, there certainly seems to be much more focus on hair for women.  What happens when the prospect of losing our hair actually permeates our brain?  Who are we without curly hair, straight hair, kinky hair, blond hair, blue hair, red hair, long hair or short hair?  Who are we with no hair?  Those of us who have gone through chemo and experienced this first-hand know.  We know that as uber important as we think our hair is, it does not define us.  In fact, is it possible to feel just a bit—shall we say—‘liberated’ without dwelling over every fly-away?  Perhaps the twist of a colorful scarf, the tilt of a fun hat or the sashay of a wig encourages our persona to emerge in a different way.  Don’t get me wrong, losing one’s hair during chemo treatment is certainly not fun!  However, the lesson learned is powerful.  That is—we are strong, beautiful warriors with or without hair.  This knowledge sticks and the hair (when it grows back) becomes the plume of a survivor.  –DP–

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