Bring It On!

Recently, I was lamenting to my husband about a new ‘colorful patch’ on my leg.  His answer to my query…’it is due to ageing’.  What?!  Ageing??  Of course, after considering his response, I said ‘that’s what we want isn’t it’?  Indeed!  Those of us, who have trudged, trucked and slithered our way down the path of cancer treatment or other chronic health issues know that to age is a want, a desire—a gift.  That to shout out ‘IT’S MY BIRTHDAY’ on Facebook, twitter, email, text or any other medium is the goal.  To wake up this morning and celebrate the first day of October in the hope that our neutral climate will yield some fall-like wisps is something to embrace.  I am past that age where we count half-birthdays—as in ‘I am 53 and a half’.  Sounds kind of silly…but guess what?  I am 53 and a half!!!  It just happened a few days ago without fanfare or recognition.  Except, that I noticed, I realized and I did a little dance said a little prayer wanting my next birthday to come around.  Hmmm.  Perhaps a different perspective for the baby boomer crowd.  I don’t count myself in that group as much as I do the cohort who calls themselves ‘survivors’.  For us, having another half birthday is something to celebrate!  I see an organic-agave sweetened-raw chocolate delight in my future…maybe even with a candle to make a wish!  –DP

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