One of my most treasured possessions sits atop of my night stand…a gift from a dear friend.  It is a smooth, round, medium-sized greyish stone with the word ‘Gratitude’ etched into it.  There are times I cup it between my hands while meditating and just breathe in the essence of that concept…simple and complex.  Most often, I glance at the polished element sitting there among the hand lotion, eye cream and lip balm as I breeze in and out of the room during the day.  When ‘Gratitude’ catches my attention, I am reminded that the spectrum of gratefulness is neither black nor white, big or small, but rather a multitude of moments, here and there.

Sometimes embracing the very thought of feeling thankful for something—anything—can be challenging, especially as I  travel this path dealing with cancer issues.  I have learned to enjoy my cup of morning tea, embrace the time with a friend, relish the moments my daughter is chatting with me and feel the comfort of my surroundings.  Perhaps gratitude can coexist in the haze of daily struggles…  I can say that while I was watching the sunset recently, I was overcome with joy just to be having that experience.  It was breathtaking and in those few minutes while I was bathed in the nuance of that dramatic hue, I was in touch with a deep gratitude.  ~~DP