I lost it.  For the second time…I lost it.  The bracelet, the beacon which bears the word ‘Fearless’ etched into the silver metal supported by two black pseudo-leather thin straps.  You see the clasp is a bit wispy and does not hold once secured.  For the second time, I felt a sense of uncertainty.  Was this a sign?  If I could not wear the emblazoned word ‘Fearless’ how would I navigate in that way?  A voice popped into my mind…not the kind you really hear, but more of a feeling.  “I got this”.  The notion that I am indeed ‘Fearless’ in the face of cancer and it’s treatment is really a whole body experience which/that is not predicated on wearing a bracelet baring the word.  I breathe once I realize that I still channel the essence of courage which is not the absence of fear, but rather the strength to keep walking through the maze.  “I got this”.  And, after returning home and calling REI…I find out that my bracelet was waiting for me in the lost and found.  Is it a sign? ~~DP

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