Discovering the CAN in CANcer Fitness


I said “I can’t”, and she said, “Sure you can, you’re not fragile, and your range of motion will greatly improve”, it did and I didn’t break. I said “I can’t” and she said, “Sure you can, you will get stronger, build muscle mass and feel better”, I did and I felt empowered. I said, “I can’t” and she said, “Sure you can, you will have fun while increasing cardio, building endurance and gaining stamina”, I did while enjoying myself immensely.  I said, “I can’t” and she said, “Sure you can, your balance will improve and you’ll be amazed at how flexible you will become”, it did and I was. Four different scenarios, four different healers – physical therapist, personal trainer, zumba instructor, yoga instructor – with one grateful recipient (me). As cancer survivors we are more often told what we can’t do versus what we can do and this often times becomes the norm for how we think – negative vs positive, can’t vs can. Breaking this cycle is not easy as our cancer experience has taught us to be guarded and to protect ourselves. But there comes a time when we need to drop the self protective cocoon and step out, to believe in possibilities and to move toward our potential. There comes a time to get on with living our lives to the fullest, changing the words “I can’t” to “I can” is a great way to start.

Thank you Terri, Erzsi, Alessandra and Daniella for opening the doors to what can be.